Ostomy Travel Kit

What to Pack for an Ostomy Travel Car Kit

All the basics

Fits into a small lunch bag for undercover ease.

As active, fun loving ostomates, we spend a fare amount of time adventuring.  So if you are out enjoying your life and you need to refresh your gear, or you have a blow out; being prepared is a very good thing.  Any small bag can be your undercover ostomy travel kit.  I use a normal looking lunch bag.  Unless someone was searching for a snack, no one would ever guess what its real job is.

Here is a list of some of the basics you will need to make your own travel kit:
Barrier wafer
Ostomy bag
Water based baby wipes
Roll of toilet paper – or several paper towels folded to fit
Ostomy gauge – to cut the hole the right size
Small scissors
Paste – or barrier ring if you use it
Large zip bag – to put all the debris in as you go for a fast clean up
Ostomy garbage bag – supplied by most companies – or just grab another zip bag
Hand sanitizer

Some extras you may want to add:
Skin barrier
Adhesive remover
Plastic gloves
Small room deodorizer spray

It is easy to take a little time to be prepared so you can go out and have fun.

Other handy things to have in the car are fresh pants and underpants.  Also for best results remember to keep your kit in the coolest place in the car.  The trunk or glove box will melt, warp or make your wafer brittle and unusable.

Know Your Meds

Know Your Meds
People who have IBD, Crohn’s Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis often take medication.  Because of chronic illness, our meds can frequently change.  Knowing the names, doses, and purpose can keep you safe.
Some easy ways to help yourself are:
*List medicine name, milligram strength, and dosage on a 3×5 card to carry in your purse or wallet.
*Keep an updated list in your car next to your vehicle registration as an easy to grab back up.
*Put the med list in your phone.
*Try your best to remember the main medications you take.
*Download your information onto a portable flash drive for easy reference.

Be your own advocate.  Protect yourself by being prepared for those expected and sometimes unexpected doctor visits.

Have a happy and healthy day.