All For One


Gluten Free Dairy Free Dinner Rolls.

In a previous post I mentioned that we are largely Gluten Free and Dairy Free.  But we are also Casein Free and Soy Free as well.  For now we are all doing this together. Its an All For One mentality in supporting the positive changes and creating good eating habits for his future. As he gets older, we will equip him to pick safe choices for himself in group or party atmospheres to stay on a path that works best for his own health. Which works out well as we all need to be able to resist certain foods and drinks from time to time.

The diet change has been remarkable for my son.  Under his doctors direction and my careful research we are achieving small wins all the time. With each new little success, I am encouraged to continue trying new recipes and re working old recipes to suit my little guys needs and tastes.

His physical consequences to certain foods are abating. Digestive distress, skin rashes, ability to sleep more restfully and wake happy, and the general irritability that would naturally happen with a person experiencing all of the above are improving. I’m seeing sides to my little guy that I have not before. More comfortable, he is able to explore and express himself in ways he was unable to. It’s not a miracle, it’s work. The replicable, rewarding kind that matters to his future.

To that end, I am going to share my Gluten Free, Dairy Free Successes with you. In addition to my regular posts, I will post what foods I have been making for my son.

To start, I will go over some of the basics.

Apple Cider is your friend.  It is in many baked breads and yeast raised confections.  Get the good stuff as it will impart flavor and function to your creations.

Xanthan Gum helps with consistency and is used in many of your baked items.

A good gluten free flour mix is a must.  You can buy it pre packaged at the store, (I like Bob’s Red Mill) however, I make my own mixture.  Making your own ensures you know what is really in there and you are able to alter for taste.

Here is my base flour mix:
3c. brown or white rice flour
3c. corn starch or arrow root
2c. sorghum
1c. masa flour
From this mix I make most of the goodies I create for my little boy.
I make different variations of this depending on what I’m making using the same ratio.

Almond or rice milk is a must for those avoiding milk.  I get mine at Costco.  It is organic and GMO free.

Rice based, (or nut based) casein free cheese.  I get mine in the vegan isle at my local grocery store.  I generally choose pre shredded but it comes in bricks as well.  If you choose to get a brick, chill in the freezer before shredding for use on pizza or in a pasta salad and such.  I have made nut based cheese with great success in the past. It is tasty, melts and is rich in protein. Be careful to read ingredients. Some cheeses have ingredients you may be avoiding in the small print.

Gluten Free Pasta.  It comes in all the regular shapes and sizes.  It is generally made of white rice, brown rice, buckwheat or quinoa and cooks just like regular pasta.

Gluten Free/ Dairy Free breads and bread substitutes.  Pre packaged GF/DF breads are readily available at most grocery stores and markets. I prefer to purchase mine in bulk at Costco because they freeze well, the price point is reasonable and it’s nice to pull out what I need from the freezer for on hand meals versus running out of necessities for my little guy. I have discovered bread machine recipes which turn out to be a tasty, fun activity with great success.

Alternate ingredients can brighten your day and add to nutrition.  Buckwheat, Sorghum, Brown rice, Quinoa, Millet, Coconut, Chick Pea, Certified GF Oats (like from Bobs Red Mill) and Nut Flours are all alternatives to regular flour and great additions to your GF flour.

Consider making your own condiments.  The most basic items such as ketchup, relish, kimchi, sauerkraut and even mustard and salad dressing have hidden gluten, dairy and other allergen irritators.  Looking at labels is worth the time. However, easy to make recipes are all over the internet and easy to customize to need and taste preference.

Steady as she goes towards food goals and a healthier and happier little boy.

In whatever your goals are, I wish you the very best.

Ostomy Nurses Are Worth Their Weight In Gold!

I am very lucky in so many ways when it comes to my life.  I have a husband who adores me, children who are healthy, active and thoughtful little people.  Extended family that amaze me every day with their capacity for love, and friends that like me for who I am.  Among all of my blessings I have an amazing Ostomy Nurse.  She is just not some ordinary Ostomy Nurse you see, she is SUPER RUTH!!!

First off, on the outside Super Ruth looks like a nurse.  She has pristine clean hands, wears scrubs, has a sassy hair do, and is very efficient.  As a person who has been in and out of the hospital since I was 10 because I stepped on a nail ~I know, ouch!~  And since I was 15 because of my exciting guts, pristine hands and efficient-ness were very comforting for me to see when I first met her.

Super Ruth sparked of intelligence and confidence.  I was coming to her with a significant wound and was in pain up to my eyeballs.  I could not get my wafer to stay on due to granulomas, a ‘trench’ of missing, oozing tissue, and what I lovingly call ‘hamburger skin’ surrounding it all.  Plus I had a fiery acid burn from the output that was continually on my skin.  I was trying to put a happy face on my situation and not show my discomfort.  I was determined for this appointment to go well.  I was going to comply and do what I needed to in order to heal.  Super Ruth my awesome Ostomy Nurse made that very easy.

Super Ruth has a sense about her that no matter what I had going on, she had likely seen worse and knew the steps to getting me towards feeling better -without being cocky about it.  Super Ruth did not flinch or grimace when she saw what I had going on.  I was not treated as though I was gross or repulsive.  Super Ruth had a positive can-do attitude towards my wound that bolstered my belief that I would heal and get better.  There was a capable ‘we can find a solution’ atmosphere.  Super Ruth inspired a person in pain to renew their faith in the long process that often accompanies healing wounds.  She even made the business end of a silver nitrate stick a positive and hopeful experience.  In fact, she complimented me on my pretty stoma and asked which surgeon did the procedure.  She knew my surgeon and said she was a big fan of that surgeons work.  Pretty?  She is the only person outside the surgeons assistants who told me my stoma was pretty.  (I think he is pretty as well.)  I left her office feeling confident, inspired, and buoyed.

Super Ruth was charming and upbeat.  She did not belittle my situation or tell me it was no big deal.  Super Ruth was encouraging.  With her careful care she gave me hope and belief that things would be better.

Super Ruth also tastefully brought up sensitive subjects like my acceptance of my new body and the permanent life change I had just undergone.  She asked me about my sexuality and had ideas and suggestions to help things along that I had not thought of.  Super Ruth sought out my natural gifts and highlighted upon them.  Encouraging me to do what felt right, but also proposing new points of view.  I was educated, encouraged, comforted and spurred onward to my new, happy, active life.

Super Ruth inspired me to think of new options for my life.  At the point that I had gone to see Super Ruth I was still in the phase of being grateful to be alive.  I had a very bad experience with anesthesiology and was thrilled to be breathing and loving my family every day.  Making oatmeal for my children in the morning was awesome like riding rainbows.  I was absorbing every scent and crooked smile, neck hug and held hand.

Today I am confident.  I go about by day feeling like any normal mom.  I do not let my ostomy subtract from my world.  I love my ostomy, see it as the gift it is, and go on being sassy, active, fun, and hard working.  I can still be hawt, conduct business, and at the end of the day be worshiped by my husband.

In part because of Super Ruth you are reading this blog.  She staunched shame, fanned the flame of hope, gave me courage and lifted me even before I knew I needed it.  My Ostomy nurse is worth her weight in gold.  She encouraged, inspired, buoyed, and challenged me to be the Super Ostomate that I am today.  Because of her I am proud, active, and normal.  I thank God for my Super Ruth.

I hope you have a Super Ruth.  If not, I hope you will know your Super Ruth when you meet her/him.  If you are thinking of becoming an Ostomy Nurse, I thank you and wish you Super Ruth as inspiration.  What you do matters.  You change and save lives.

Thank you Super Ruth.