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Remember Who You Are

Ostomy Beautiful
Please remember who you are:
You are lovely just the way you are. You have earned the right to be okay in your own skin. You have earned the right not to hide. So Don’t. Your life and your story are valuable.


The Great Bowel Movement Pass It On Initiative Nominee!

Being Wonder Woman for a Bowel Cancer Awareness fun run.
Being Wonder Woman for a Bowel Cancer Awareness fun run.

Guess what my Sweet Bolognas! I am part of The Great Bowel Movements Pass It On initiative. This quarter ten bloggers have been chosen. The three bloggers with the most votes by June 30th wins. With your help, I can be one of them. The magical thing about this is the winners are granted a WISH. Something to help us continue to do what we are most passionate about, advocating and inspiring through sharing on our blogs.
So, would you please vote for me? I’m the one in the Wonder Woman costume. (I don’t dress this fancy every day. Just for bowel awareness fun runs.)
To vote head over to The Great Bowel Movement Facebook album (link provided) and ‘Like’ my picture. I would love to make it to the top three.


While you are at The Great Bowel Movements page, why not check out their store and perhaps buy a hoodie or t-shirt? It’s the profits from these sales that make this Pass It On initiative possible.

‘Like’ my picture and Vote me to be your IBD Blogging Wonder Woman!