Duct Tape

I love Duck Tape

Glow in the dark Batman!
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na (Glow in the dark) BATMAN!

I love Duck Tape. Classify me as a proud addict. I have been known to turn up the music so I could tape in a ‘party atmosphere’. I have included my kiddos to perpetuate the Duck Tape love, and encourage them to tape on their own. I even keep my tape on a stand (repurposed broken floor lamp) that resembles a stripper pole. When I look at it I giggle inwardly at the naughty secret reference and must confess all those bright colors and artistic possibilities make me giddy. I seriously have the warm fuzzies for the projects to come and frequently crave alone time to draw them out for later completion. The anticipation occupies my mind in a day dreamy warm glow. Yes, I love Duck Tape.

Repurposed broken lamp base aka The Stripper Pole.
Repurposed broken lamp base aka The Stripper Pole. (Tee Hee)

But it’s more than tape on a roll. It’s more than creativity. My love of Duck Tape is an outward expression of love for my anatomy just the way it is. My love affair is the gift of acceptance to Crohn’s Disease, Ostomy and myself as a whole human. When I wear my Duck Tape creations I am most frequently in a bikini on the beach. Just me enjoying life in strategically tied triangles of fabric with Duck Tape, sunglasses and a hat as my only accessories.

I earned the right not to hide.  So I don’t.

Feeling like a Crohn's Cutie in my hipster mustachio Ostomy cover.
Ben snuck this pic of me feeling like a Crohn’s Cutie in my super cool mustachio Ostomy.

People look, some stare and others inquire. And you know what? All of that is okay. Because I am okay with me.

Beach ready!
Beach ready!

Woo Hoo!  I found a tape that matches.  Totally made my day.

Dog Beach!
Dog Beach!  Check out my Take Steps visor.  Rock’n!

The one time I tried the ‘nude’ look aka no Duck Tape.  Wet nude bag = see through O.o  No thank you.  Lesson learned.

So if you have Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, J-pouch, Ostomy, Urostomy, scars, tubes, tanks, PICC lines, or what have you.  You have earned the right to not hide.  You deserve to live openly in the sun.  And if a little tape helps you along the way, go for it.

Love you my Sweet Bolognas 😀

To Learn From a Trend


Thank you Duck Tape!  We are now best friends in my head.

Once a week? Really?!! Yes, that is the current trend of bag exposure for the fearless CrohnieBologna.

Thank you Universe.

Today the Jump Rope Club got another public showing. Yay! My lil guy took off running full tilt. I had to drop what I was holding (my giganto water cooler thingey) to take off after him as no one else here knows he is an Alcatraz impressionist. In the Flash inspired running I was doing, my shirt worked its way up.

By the time I wrangled a flailing toddler up into my arms my bag was open for all to see! SO glad I was wearing the super pretty one that you see in the pic.

The jump rope teacher had the very same tape in his bag for decorating jump rope handles. ~What a small world; and perhaps another Duck Tape lover to chat craftiness with?? One could hope!! 😀

Lessons learned:
1) No more bringing the gigantic water cooler thingey as it distracts from watching Mr. Runoffboy.

2) Just like we all try to wear our prettiest lingerie when we know someone will see them; always endeavor to wear either super cute decorated bag or the nude color when attending activities for my childrens school. *Must NOT mortify the children.*