Of Course Ostomates are Sexy!

When it came to Bethany Townsend, 23, from Worcester, the world, or at least the world of Facebook, overwhelmingly agreed. Bethany is physically striking.  And sexy.  Ostomy and all.  Townsend posted her pic on the Crohn’s and Colitis UK Facebook page. Her image was viewed by more than nine million people and has received 190,000 likes. That number just keeps growing.

Definite conversation starter.

Cheers to the power of a well posed selfie.

But along with the messages of support, ‘Hey, my mom/dad/brother went through that.’ and the ‘You’re so brave.’  There is also a sense of surprise.  Like people are just now noticing IBD, and especially Ostomates at all. But more specifically they’re seeing us in a good light.  As if the negative stereotype of Ostomates in their mind just got challenged.  In a good way.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s terrific, but hardly new news to the rest of us.

In the being brave, strong, lovely and even sexy category, Bethany isn’t alone. Not by a long shot. There are scores of beautiful Ostomates out there. So much so that Awestomy had its own #right2remainsexy campaign in July and August of 2013, giving all Ostomates the open door to proudly bask in their sexiness while encouraging others to do the same.  Empowering, validating confirmation of our continued ability to be seen as beautiful and desirable in a way many would automatically think of as ‘no longer an option’.

Vanilla Blush is another company promoting self esteem and Ostomate loveliness for all. It’s absolute perfection that Nicola Dames uses real Ostomates as models.  Not one person can dispute that those who pose for Blush are highly qualified for their positions.

And that’s what’s beautiful.  Each person that posted to Awestomy or poses for Vanilla Blush are regular people like you and I.

You know what’s really sexy?

(Because sexy isn’t just the skin deep attributes that look good in magazines or there wouldn’t be a big push to put ‘real’ people in ads.)


It’s being okay in your own skin.  It’s confidence and openness to life.  It’s loving yourself exactly for who you are.  It’s being intelligent, educated about your disease and having the poise to represent that truthfully to the world.  It’s a kind of charisma that’s earned.

Just look around our IBD community. There are legions of intelligent, beautiful, clever, inspiring Ostomates, J-Pouchers and IBDers out there.  It could be that special someone who inspires you, who encourages you, who makes you smile or laugh. Someone who makes you feel like you’re not the only one.  That person who’s been through exactly what you have, and come out the other side.  That person open enough to share in a way that shows you hope that maybe you can try again and get there too.

I made a little list of just a few of the people who inspire me.  I admire their dedication to the IBD community and their willingness to share their journeys with us.  These people are beautiful to me.

Jason of Awestomy
Sara Ringer of Inflamed and Untamed
Maggie Baldwin of Let’s talk IBD
Sam Cleasby of So Bad Ass
Jess Grossman of Uncover Ostomy
Dan Sharp of The Great Bowel Movement
Christy of Ostomy on the Track
Paul Riome of Living Bigger with Colostomy
Frank Garufi Jr of The Crohn’s Colitis Effect
Marisa Lauren Troy of Keeping Things Inside Is Bad For My Health

And of course the list goes on…  I could easily continue.  Suffice it to say, these people are inspiring, beautiful and lovely to me.

So, great job Bethany for the selfie seen ’round the world.  People are talking, cheering you on and hopefully viewing Ostomates and the IBD community as a whole in a more beautiful light.

Now if only we can segue all that instant recognition into education.  That would be the most beautiful of all.

Sick but lovely
Because it isn’t always pretty.

It’s all in the Booty Shorts

Awesomy!’s motto is “Ostomy apparel with attitude”.  Awestomy! Women’s Booty Shorts fit the bill and then some.  From the minute I opened the box and peeled back the vibrant, cheerfully wrapped delight I knew I was in for a treat.  On first glance I could see how beautiful and daring this panty is.  Upon further inspection, clearly the ‘attitude’ is backed up by superior construction.   Any woman would welcome this luxury.

When I first picked up the black lace booty shorts, I ran my hand over the smooth, stretchy fabric and gave it a tug.  I thought, “Oh, how nice!  These are going to move with me and follow my curves.”

I must confess that I am suspicious of lace.  It is often scratchy and unforgiving.  I rubbed the black, fine spun confection over my wrist.  It was not scratchy at all.  How’d they DO that?  With my curiosity piqued, I turned the garment inside out.

The entire creation is tailored with smooth-finished seams.  The texture feels soft and adaptable, as if the booty shorts were custom made to fit me.  Around the reinforced waist band there is a small silicone strip.  Not too much; just enough to keep this sweet dainty in place without grabbing or bunching while moving around. 

The front of the shorts have a hybrid lining/pocket system that envelops your gear.  The pocket system is designed to be compatible for either right or left sided Ostomates.  Because of the method in which these pockets are constructed, the inner lining is seamless to the outside of the garment.  No one looking at you would even know those little pockets were in there.  This clever shelf system is multi-purpose.  It holds your Ostomy bag in place, allows for a sleek look, and is a barrier between the Ostomy bag and your skin.  It works perfectly for a regular bag folded in half or a swim size bag.

What I assume may be an unintentional design perk that I never expected is that the extra pocket holds paper bills with perfect discretion.  If one were to go out on the town and needed a secret place to stash emergency cab fare…well, there you go.  A girl can never be too safe!

I was impressed with how the lower portion of the booty shorts is constructed.  Awesomy! has blended quality workmanship with exquisite form.  The smooth seams on the legs give a second-skin feel with an attractive finish.  The perfectly fitted stretch-fabric shapes to flatter your bum while accentuating your best assets.    The cotton crotch is finished off with surged edges versus folded edges.  This method provides a more comfortable fit that looks smooth from the outside without digging into ones lady parts. 

Wearing my Awestomy! Women’s Booty Shorts I feel sassy, confident, sexy, daring, and lovely!  It allows for a sleek ‘nothing there’ look; proven time and again as I strut my stuff in close fitted dresses, skirts, shorts, and fitted jeans.  Every woman wants to feel amazing in their lingerie.  The Awestomy! Women’s Booty Shorts easily achieve this by accentuating your natural effervescence. 

Plus these booty shorts make my bum look Awesome!

I am wearing a right side, full size, Hollister 2pc Lock n’ Roll appliance in this picture!

Christy ~Inspiring your journey to Ostomy Awesome!