Junk Food Does NOT Cause IBD.

Junk food does NOT cause IBD.
Junk food does NOT cause IBD.

Landslide of diet questions lately.

Please let me clarify something. We -my family and I- eat a Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Casein, Food Dye Free diet for our child. Out of respect for him, when in his presence we eat the same foods that he does. Because I am a stay at home mom, this is most of my day. However, when I go grocery shopping by myself, I occasionally indulge at the local Greek shop and enjoy baklava or gyros…or both!

I do not live this diet because of IBD or my Ostomy at all. If there are any positive results, I attribute them to a whole body care idea of Gastroenterology, meds, and general healthy lifestyle, including diet, exercise and joyful pursuits.

With all that I still have flares, am very careful to eat according to my bodies needs that day, always mindful towards hydration, proper rest and fatigue levels.

I know many people who have changed their diets with amazing results. This is hopeful and inspiring. However, that outcome isn’t universal.

As for junk food? I strongly disagree with the crazy notion that junk food is THE cause of IBD. As a person who sat across from more than one well intentioned aka passive aggressive person who suggests you just ‘buck up’. It’s all in your mind. Exercise more! Have you tried X.Y.Z. supplement, diet, therapy, ‘cure’, method, spiritual cleanse? How about various detox, wearing special rocks with healing powers, massage, acupressure, acupuncture, medications, creams, ointments, oils from such and such country? Just eat more. You need a milkshake, you need a hamburger, how about adding mayonnaise to your food? I’m taking you in so this herbalist can look into your eye and ‘map’ your problems then suggest the right combo of herbs. Chlorophyll. Raw diet. And the list goes on.  Junk food is just one more way to calculate cause and blame for a disease we are still learning about.

It all adds up to the idea that the cure is in the hand of the afflicted if only you believe and try hard enough. As if our own actions, or lack there of, caused this disease that every day tries to kill us. It’s a ‘Results vary by effort put in.’ thought process that exonerates those around us from guilt. They can’t feel bad if being sick is our fault. Our choice mirrored out by our actions. Junk food represents the IBD that we willingly consume, making disease our fault.

As for a cause of IBD? I’m putting my money on good ol DNA.  Could something be a trigger?  Yes.  Environment, diet, stress, general health, exercise/ activity level, pollution, and so much more more.  As a whole, we just don’t know.  And that’s the point.

Suggesting that junk food, or any food, is THE cause of IBD is shifting energy from finding a cure, towards villainizing foods and blaming the patient as the cause of their own suffering.

Blaming, shaming, presumptuous, incorrect words passed off as fact is dangerous, isolating and unintelligent.  It serves to purposefully unload responsibility of discovery and cure onto the shoulders of sufferers and their families to navigate alone.

You Can Smile, Endure, Battle On, Survive, Thrive, & Win!


  1. Catherine
    Submitted on 2014/07/08 at 12:34 pm
    I think it would have been far better to share her personal experience. She appears to be more of a spokes person. The claim that fast food causes IBD is not true as her headline boasts. I live with this life long journey called ulcerative colitis and was very fit and did not consume “American” fast food before my diagnosis. Good for this model for reviving her career but shame on her for doing it on the backs of sufferers.

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