Once upon a time there was a Mom who rushed around excited to get ready to go to a party. Kids dressed, last minute present bought and wrapped and actually arrive on time. Woo Hoo! 

Once there BBQ salmon burgers, corn on the cob, hot dogs for the kids, home made salad delightfulness, cupcakes and punch all laid out in a cowboy theme make you glad you didn’t eat before you arrived. 

In taking the eldest child to find the potty, Mom realizes the tiny bathroom for guests is right by the front door / living room area where all the Moms with babies congregate to nurse and chat.

Said tiny water closet has NO ventilation OR windows!!

Let’s not freak out the infants with poo fog rolling out the loo.  
1) It’s rude.
2)They would know it was me!!!


Taking one for the team.

No food for Mommy.

Nothing in = Nothing out.

The End.

For those who insist on happily ever afters I’ll give you this:
Thanks to IBD I have extensive practice in pretending I ate when others didn’t see, already fullness, practically bursting and I can artfully describe in great detail how delicious a food is that I have never eaten.
In addition, I can casually carry a water bottle and nurse that sucker for all it’s worth.
All part of my secret IBD super powers.

You Can Smile, Endure, Battle On, Survive, Thrive, & Win!