The ‘R’ Word


Time for this one to expire.

The ‘R’ word is a bad word in our house. Much like the *F-bomb* and the ‘C’ word. Some words are just not acceptable. Especially when there are kids around.

In our home the highest insult is the ‘S’ word, as in STUPID.  Because being unintelligent is the worst sin of all.
As people with the invisible illness of IBD, it is easy for someone to look at us and assume.  In the past I have been called ‘AIDS Patient’, ‘Cancer Girl’, ‘Anorexic’, ‘Hypochondriac’ and more.  I have even been beat up and had things thrown at me for being different.  Unless I say the words, “I have Crohn’s Disease.” you would never guess.
Just as the general public would never guess what is going on in the mind and body of someone Differently Abled.  They go through many of the same struggles as someone with an invisible illness.  So let us all appreciate that these special people are trying their very best to live happy, normal lives exactly like you and me.At the age of four, my son (who has no idea that he is different) has already been called names, excluded from activities, and shoved over.  He has been hurt emotionally and physically.  These instances make a mark on his sweet soul that changes him.  It hurts to see the cruelty of children.  It is hard to know that they were taught this behavior by adults.  It is agony to know that my son will continue to deal with this during his formative years.  It is misery and apprehension to envision what his elementary years will be like when I send him off to school.

But there is hope.  Always HOPE!  I love this campaign to shame the ‘R’ word.  It should fall under the category of antiquated and out of date.  Every decade words slip from our vocabulary and are no longer used anymore.  We do not even notice they are gone until some obscure reference brings them up again.  Our growing understanding of the world, and those in it, make way for better use of vocabulary and truth telling with our word choices.  My hope is that the ‘R’ word will fall into the land of fable where no one remembers anymore where or why that word even existed.

Name calling, especially the ‘R’ word is not helpful.  It is out dated, inaccurate, and unintelligent.
You Can Smile, Endure, Battle On, Survive, Thrive, & Win!