Photo credit: Advanced Vision Therapy Center.
Concussion.  Photo credit: Advanced Vision Therapy Center.


My life hasn’t been quite the same for a while. Things I took for granted have been changed and I find myself re-acclimating to what I hope will not be a new normal.

A couple weeks ago I went shopping with my children. An accident occurred in the store causing a large metal shelf to crash down against my head, its weight knocked me down and pinned me to the floor. The impact of both the concrete floor and the shelf left me with a concussion. A CAT scan later confirmed Post Concussive Syndrome. This includes brain fog, numbness in my face, twitching right eyelid, pain in my head, ear and neck, constant headache which turns to migraine, light sensitivity, forgetfulness, difficulty in sleeping -as laying down causes the sensation of intense head pressure, and more.

Some symptoms are improving. I no longer have sparks of light in my eyes when I move my head. My neck pain is much better as long as I sit properly. I can feel the skin on my face, although now it’s a sensation of pin pricks, like when your leg falls to sleep. Things are slowly getting better.

Who would have thought IBD and ostomy would take a health back seat to anything?  Right now those are my easy health issues. This has changed how I have interacted with my family, friends and you. I apologize for my distance.

I am still here. Just working harder to be that way.

With one week until school starts for both my children, I am focusing on them. I’m working to make the last of their summer break a fun one.

This fluke accident has forced me to slow down, do things differently and really enjoy each moment with those I love.

As always,
The best of health and happiness to you.

You Can Smile, Endure, Battle On, Survive, Thrive, & Win!