Today Is Bobby Flays Birthday!!


No matter how sick I got or how long I was on IV with no food, I would always watch Food Network and Bobby Flay. 
I remember staying up super late (because who really sleeps in a hospital anyway) watching Bobby Flays Throw down and many of his other grilling, cooking shows.  I would curl around the heated towel and plan out what meal I would eat when I got better.  Because, darn it!  I WAS going to get better!!  Watching Bobby at work was a way of experiencing hope.  I forgot about my situation and enjoyed food competitions, tasted burgers, zesty sides and traveled as he toured the country attempting to win against locals making their best dishes.  Vicarious health.    

Bobby, Giada, Rachael, Mario, Emeril, Masaharu, Jamie, Paula and others inspired the food creations I attempt to this day.

Happy Birthday Bobby Flay.  You nourished a hungry girls spirit, hope and determination to thrive.

You Can Smile, Endure, Battle On, Survive, Thrive, & Win!