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A while back I mentioned on my Facebook Page that I am new to the gluten free/ dairy free world.  Since then I have been getting messages asking about GF/DF and its success in curing, healing, and improving various forms of IBD.  So I thought I would answer here. 

In truth, I have no idea. 

I am not completely GF/DF.  My Son is. 

Why is my sweet little boy person GF/DF??  Autism.  As a mother I am doing everything in my power to help him.  That includes Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Casein Free and Food Dye Free.  I am not an expert on Autism, just a mom willing to try her best every day.  Right now this is what is working for our family.

I respect my Son, want to be a good example to him, and love sharing my snacks with him, so I stay GF/DF etc. in his presence.  As a stay at home mom that includes the majority of my day.  I still enjoy creamer in my coffee – but we all know only mamas drink that stuff!

I have discovered that Autism, like IBD, is an invisible disease.  He doesn’t LOOK Autistic.  But he struggles everyday just like we do with IBD.  It is also very individual.  Yes, my son has Autism but his symptoms and sensitivities are unique to him.  No two Autistic kids are alike.  Just as no two IBDers are alike.  Autism has stolen parts of him that our family is trying to recover.  Just as IBD has changed our lives and affects our families in their efforts to help, support, and understand us. 

So, I have absolutely NO idea if GF/DF helps with IBD.  But right now it sure is helping this CrohnieBolognas’ Son.

You Can Smile, Endure, Battle On, Survive, Thrive, & Win!


  1. look at the twinkle in those eyes! So good to see his happy little face 🙂

    Knowing you, I bet you are the master of gf/df cooking already – whipping up insanely delicious meals!

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