Interview with a Six Year Old

Interview with a Six Year Old

Grace 6yo and Sean 3yo.  How lucky I am to be their mom.

I am a mom.  I love my children dearly and care about what they think.  My kids are smart.  They could see that their mom was not well.  To tell them to not worry and give them no further information would cause them to fill in the blanks themselves.  This would lead to unnecessary stress and worry.  I have tried to always be careful about giving accurate yet age appropriate information.  I stay open to their questions and conversations.  Recently I turned the tables on my six year old to see her view. 

Q- Who are you?
A- I am Grace.  I am six years old.  I like to swing.  I like to help make dinner.

Q- Who is in our family?
A- I have a mom, dad, brother and a dog.

Q- What are our jobs?
A- Mom stays home to cook, clean and do lessons with me.  Daddy works at an office and makes bridges.  My job is to do a good job in my lessons.  Brother’s job is to have fun and use the potty.  We all take turns feeding the dog.

Q- Do you remember what it was like before mom’s tummy bag?
A- Yes, mom had a hard time going to the bathroom.  She couldn’t play a lot with us and stuff.  But she read us stories and played puzzle and blocks with us on the floor. 

Q- How did mom get better?
A- Mom went to Dr. D and got fixed up.  She attached a tummy bag to moms’ tummy.  When mom was asleep Dr. D put it on there.  Moms gonna have it forever and ever.

Q- What is a tummy bag?
A- It is a bag that hooks onto your tummy and you poop in it.  There is a pink thing in there that the poop comes out of.  It doesn’t hurt.  There are big bags and small bags.  I like decorating them with my mom.

Q-What do you think about moms tummy bag?
A- It’s cool.  I always know mom has a tummy bag but I mostly see her as just my mom.  Most of the time I forget she has it.  She is the only mom I know that has a tummy bag and that is awesome.

Q- Is life better for you now?
A- Yes because we can do more fun things.  It’s like that whole bad part went away and I have my mama back.  That’s the most happiest part. 

Q- Do you think it was a good idea for mom to get a tummy bag?
A- Yep, mom can do more things with us and she will not be sick anymore. 

Q- Do you have any advice for other moms or dads who might be thinking about getting a tummy bag?
A- You can get rid of the pain and you will be able to run, jump, play and swing.  It’s okay if you get a tummy bag.  Your kids will still want to play with you.  It will make you feel better.

You Can Smile, Endure, Battle On, Survive, Thrive, & Win!

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